• The school follows the curriculum of the Unified syllabus. It will be taught by using Idiscoveri XSEED methodology(CBSE).
  • The medium of instruction is English
  • Hindi will be taught as a third language from Grade. I to V.

School Uniform

  • All students must come to school in clean and tidy uniform and the hair should be well trimmed and combed.
  • 2. Girls should come in double folded plaits and tied with black/white ribbon. They are not expected to wear dangling earrings. They should not keep flowers on any account to the school.


The core aspects of learning

Multi-sensory Approach

  • Auditory learning : achieved through verbal inputs, i.e listening and repeating, addressing an audience etc.,
  • Visual learning : achieved through seeing i.e through images, charts, written information etc.,
  • Kinesthetic learning : achieved through hands-on activity i.e. field trips, using props, role-play etc.

Interactive Board

  • Interactive Board facility improves teacher’s effectiveness and productivity in class. Makes learning an enjoyable experience for student. Improves academic performance of students.

Computer Education

  • Digital literacy is a must for teachers and students. Every human activities are linked with computer, without Digital literacy our children will feel out of place. So we need to develop their competency in Computer skills. To create Hi-tech computer lab Fr.Thamburaj will assist us.